Street Department

Larry Smith

Director of Public Works
615-297-6041, ext. 30

The operations of the Street Department are supervised by the Director of Public Works, Larry Smith. The Director oversees the regular maintenance of Belle Meade streets and rights-of-way as well as supervises contracted capital projects such as street re-surfacing and drainage infrastructure improvements. The Director is responsible for the maintenance and installation of all street signage.

The City sub-contracts for additional services that fall under the jurisdiction of the Streets Department, including Trash & Recycle Collection, Brush Collection & Chipper Service, Snow Removal, Street Sweeping, and Landscape Maintenance for City properties.

If a resident has questions concerning street maintenance issues or any of the contracted services listed above, we ask that you call the Public Works Director or City Hall administrative offices at 615-297-6041. Listed below are the current schedules and information about the City’s trash and recycle collection and brush and chipper services.

Chipper Service is contracted separately from garbage pick-up and occurs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. The chipper service is designed for pickup of grass, shrubbery, cuttings, tree leaves, small tree branches, bushes, fruits, or any other matter usually created in the care of lawns and gardens. Tree trimmings shall have a trunk not to exceed four (4) inches in diameter, and shall be no more than eight (8) feet in length or six (6) feet across in the lap or crown. Twigs, leaves, small debris, and grass clippings shall be bagged, bag weight not to exceed 50 pounds. If a homeowner has contracted with a tree removal service to cut down large trees on their property, the homeowner is responsible for removal of the tree and related debris. The City chipper service is not set up to provide this service. Your pickup day will depend upon which street you live.

Brush Collection and Chipper Service Route

Street Day
Abbott Martin Fri
Belle Meade Blvd. Mon
Bellevue Dr. S & W Mon
Bellevue Dr. W. Mon
Bonaventure Place Mon
Carriage Hill Mon
Canterbury Dr. Mon
Chancery Ln. Wed
Chickering Ln.& Rd. Wed
Clarendon Ave. Mon
Cornwall Ave. Mon
Deer Park Cir Mon
Deer Park Dr. Mon
Drew Pl. Wed
E. Brookfield Dr. Wed
Ellendale Ave. Mon
Enquirer Ave. Mon
Evelyn Ave. Mon
Forsythe Pl. Wed
Georgian Pl.* Wed
Gerald Pl. Mon
Glen Eden Dr.-Jackson-West. Wed
Glen Eden Dr.-Westview-Lyn. Fri
Harding Place-BMB-Westover Mon
Harding Place-BMB-Lynwood Wed
Herbert Pl.* Wed
Honeywood Dr. Mon
Howell Pl. Mon
Iroquois Ave.-BMB-Enquirer Mon
Iroquois Ave.-BMB-Westview Wed
Iroquois Ave.Westview-Lynwood Fri
Jackson Blvd.-Harding-Gerald Mon
Jackson Blvd.-Gerald-Warner Wed
Leake Ave. (200-400 even #s) Mon
Lillywood Fri
Lynwood Blvd. Fri
Lynwood Ln. Fri
Lynwood Ter. Fri
Millrace Ln. Fri
Malone Ave. Mon
Manor Dr. Wed
Nichol Ln. Mon
Paddock Ln. Mon
Page Rd. (424 & 426) Mon
Page Rd. (1300 Block) Wed
Park Center Dr. Mon
Park Hill Mon
Parmer Ave. Mon
Royal Oaks Dr. Fri
Royal Oaks Pl. Fri
Scotland Pl. Mon
Shepard Pl. Wed
Signal Hill Dr. Fri
Sunnybrook Dr. (4300 block) Fri
Sunnyside Dr. Mon
Sutherland Ave. Mon
Trimble Rd.(3912,3915,3917) Fri
Truxton Pl. Mon
Tyne Blvd. Wed
Valley Forge(86,87,88,89,90) Fri
Walnut Dr. Fri
Warner Pl. Wed
Webster Ln. Fri
W. Brookfield Dr.-400 block Mon
Westhampton Pl. Fri
Westover Dr.(even-600 block) Mon
W. Tyne Dr. Mon
Westview Ave. (405 - 720) Wed
Westview Ave. (810 - 923) Fri


Back door garbage pickup is provided once a week on Mondays. All solid waste garbage and trash shall be collected from standard containers (any watertight metal or plastic container with handles or bails, having a tight-fitting cover and containing a volume of 32 gallons or under, weighing no more than 50 pounds), no more than three in number, and from recyclable containers, special containers, or special waste receptacles, placed at the back door of residences or at a place designated by the residents that is accessible from the driveway, as long as they are not in an enclosed garage or other building. The City requires trash to be put in WHITE or CLEAR bags so as not to confuse it with the recycle waste in BLACK bags. Be sure all waste is inside the cans or it will not be picked up. 


Recyclables are picked up on the same day as your trash service. Your recycle container, which can be purchased from the City for $20 a can, must be lined with a BLACK plastic bag - no exceptions! You can put all accepted items, as listed below, in the recycle containter together, unbagged, except glass. We are not recycling glass at this time. Please rinse cans before putting them in your container, as some materials may sit in your container for a week. To maximize the use of your container, you will want to break down all large cardboard boxes and set them beside your container.

  • PAPER - office paper, magazines, junk mail, newspaper, computer paper, notebook paper phone books, paperback books, construction paper, brown paper bags.
  • BOXES - milk or juice cartons (empty), cardboard boxes, food boxes (clean - no food). All large boxes should be broken down and placed by your recycle container.
  • PLASTICS- #1-7: drink bottles and their caps, detergent & cleaner bottles and their caps, yogurt/cottage cheese and other dairy "tubs" and their lids (please empty containers) and plastic trays, such as the lunchable type containers (any color except black trays - optical sorting machines can't see them).
  • METAL/ALUMINUM CANS - empty food and drink cans, foils and trays.

DO NOT RECYCLE: plastic bags, black plastic trays, clamshells (fast food take out), styrofoam, paint cans, aerosol cans, egg cartons, glass.

Click here for a list of Metro Nashville Recycling Centers where you can take glass for recycling.


Household discards such as toys, broken items or items too large to fit inside your weekly trash receptacle may be placed in the three dumpsters located directly behind City Hall. Items such as paint cans, batteries, yard waste, mattresses, electronics, furniture, and construction debris CANNOT be placed in these dumpsters. Please call the Metro East Center off of Trinity Lane 615-862-8631 for more information regarding these items.

Snow & Ice Removal Policy

The Public Works Department has the responsibility for snow and ice removal on City streets. The snow and ice removal is performed by a private service who is under contract with the City. The Public Works Director (PWD) is responsible for direct supervision of the contractor’s crew while they are in the City.

The PWD makes every attempt to have the contracted crew on the City streets in the early stages of a storm and will have them work to apply salt and/or remove snow until the situation is under control. Bridges and primary streets are cleaned first, as well as areas where there are hills and curves that could become hazardous with snow and ice. Please refer to the color coded map and the street listing on this page for areas to be treated initially. All other secondary streets are cleaned at the discretion of the PWD and the City Manager, depending on many factors, including the severity of the storm, forecasted temperatures, and the predicted accumulation of snow or ice. When temperatures are below freezing for an extended period, road salt will not activate to induce melting, so there are times when salt is not applied to the streets.

In order for the contractor to perform snow and ice removal effectively, citizens need to be mindful of the following safety tips:

Please don't drive unless you have to, and if you are out on the road, keep away from the snowplows and salt spreaders. Snowplows usually drive slower than other vehicles. While they are in operation, please stay at least 50 feet away from a snowplow or spreader. This will help ensure safety for both you and the driver. Do not travel alongside of the snowplow. The snowplow could encounter a drift and cause the vehicle to move sideways, or their plow blade could hit a manhole cover or other obstruction, causing the vehicle to swerve. If you're approaching a snowplow, move as far away from the centerline of the road as possible. Please do not park your car in the street during a snowstorm. This hampers the efforts of the City to plow the streets. Abandoned vehicles left within public right-of-ways in such a manner which is obstructive, will be moved at the owner's expense if attempts made to notify the owner are unsuccessful.


1. Lynwood Terrace, Lynwood Blvd. to Tyne Blvd.
2. Westview Ave. to Tyne Blvd.
3. Belle Meade Blvd. to Page Rd. (minimum of one lane each direction is opened first; second lane each way may be plowed at PWD discretion)
4. Jackson Blvd. from Harding Rd. to Belle Meade Blvd.
5. Leake Ave. from Park Hill to Belle Meade Blvd.
6. Tyne Blvd. from Nichol Lane to Lynwood Blvd.
7. Park Hill from Deer Park Dr. to Leake Ave.
8. Deer Park Dr. from Jackson Blvd. to Belle Meade Blvd.


1. East Brookfield from 4426 to Chickering Rd.
2. Signal Hill Dr. from 4312 to Lynwood Blvd.
3. Sunnybrook Dr. from 4313 to Lynwood Blvd.
4. Walnut Drive
5. Westhampton Pl. from Lynwood Terr. to 110 Westhampton
6. Iroquois Ave. from Westview Ave. to Cherokee Circle
7. Iroquois Ave. between Belle Meade Blvd. and Enquirer
8. Hillwood Blvd from Harding Rd. to bridge
9. Clarendon Ave. from Belle Meade Blvd. to Sutherland Ave.

The City reserves the right to modify this snow and ice removal policy at any time or for any storm event depending upon, but not limited to, the weather conditions, intensity/duration of the storm, and accumulation of snow and/or ice.

Download a printable version of the policy here.

See a map of the areas to be treated initially here.

Please refer comments or questions about the Snow & Ice Removal Policy to:

Larry Smith, Director of Public Works

Beth Reardon, City Manager

Permit to Cut Streets

Click to download or print the Permit to Cut Streets