Traffic Management Program

Over the years, the following questions have been raised:

  • “Why are the speed limits in Belle Meade so low?”
  • “Why does the police department enforce those limits so vigorously?”

This article will explain those questions and provide an overview of our ongoing Traffic Management Program.

The city streets of Belle Meade were designed and constructed decades before the automobile age and consist of low rolling hills, sharp curves, intersections, and numerous residential drive connections. The scenic streets of Belle Meade are also used extensively by pedestrians and cyclists, especially Belle Meade Boulevard.

The streets of Belle Meade were designed in an era where motorized vehicles were unheard of! Many of the streets, used daily by hundreds of motorized vehicles today, were only used by horses and pedestrians. Many safety factors, including reduced reaction time, were not in the realm of understanding by those early street designers. With the explosive growth of the automobile, the City of Belle Meade was forced to adapt to the changing times and technology.

All streets in Belle Meade are posted with speed limit signs. These posted speeds may appear low to the infrequent visitor to the Belle Meade area, but as mentioned above, the streets of Belle Meade contain many situations that create hazardous situations when a vehicle’s speed is above the posted limits. With the reduced speed limit, a significant amount of reaction time is gained to allow all drivers and pedestrians to safely avoid potentially dangerous situations. The safety of the residents and of the visitors to Belle Meade is a major concern to the Police Department.

Several years ago, the City of Belle Meade purchased a speed monitoring awareness trailer (S.M.A.R.T.). This highly visible device passively alerted drivers to the posted speed of Belle Meade streets and of their own speed. The trailer, which became obsolete as technology progressed, has recently been replaced with two portable Speed Awareness signs. These signs are capable of collecting all the information the S.M.A.R.T. did plus more. In addition to alerting drivers of their speed, these signs also record the number of vehicles traveling on the roadway and the speed of those vehicles. This information is used to by the Police Department to determine traffic flow patterns and identify areas that need increased law enforcement presence to ensure speed limits are observed.

The Speed Awareness signs may be requested by any resident of Belle Meade to monitor the traffic on their street. If you are interested in more information, please contact Sergeant Jon Carter at 615-297-0241, or via email at If you would like to request a sign to be place in your neighborhood, please use the form below.

Radar Request Form