House Check Services

The Belle Meade Police Department offers the residents of Belle Meade the opportunity to have their homes placed on a watch list. This means that the Belle Meade Police will know that you are away. Officers will make extra patrols that will include homes on the watch list, notify the person you designate to respond to any emergency that might occur and assist them should they require help in solving an emergency situation.

The form can be obtained by simply clicking the “Request House Check Form” at the bottom of the page. The form can be filled out using your computer to type the information and printed using the Adobe Acrobat print feature (print button or menu selection).

Please fill out the form with as much information as you can. This will enable the Police Department to quickly notify you in the event of an emergency. Vehicle information requested will let Officers know if a unauthorized vehicle is at the home and allow them to take immediate action. A security code section will be found on the bottom of the first page. You will give this code to the officer who accepts the form from you and they will write the code on the form. This security code feature will allow you to change your information by calling the Belle Meade Police Department should your travel plans change. Due to security concerns, the information on this form can not be saved. If you are planning to make several trips within a short time, you may want to print several copies leaving only the departure and arrival date blank.

You may drop this form off at the Belle Meade Police Department located at 4705 Harding Road or call to have an Officer pick it up at your home. The form must be delivered to an Officer in person. It can not be accepted by mail or by having Officers pick it up from your home without your presence. You may still call in your information as before or come by the Police Department and we will be glad to assist you in filling it out. Should you have any questions about the form, please contact the Police Department. Our staff will be glad to answer any questions and resolve any problem that you may have.

Download Request House Check Form