Frequently Asked Questions

What are my trash and brush pick-up days?

Your pick-up days are designated according to your street address. Click on the link below to find your pickup days. We do not know the route times, but please be sure to have your trash out no later than 6:30-7:00 a.m.

Click Here for Garbage, Brush and Recycling Pick-up Days

What items are acceptable for the recycling program? What are my pick-up days?

PAPER - office paper, magazines, junk mail, newspaper, computer paper, notebook paperphone books, paperback books, construction paper, brown paper bags.
BOXES - milk or juice cartons (empty), cardboard boxes, food boxes (clean - no food).  
All large boxes should be broken down and placed by your recycle container.
PLASTICS - #1-7: drink bottles and their caps, detergent & cleaner bottles and their caps,yogurt/cottage cheese and other dairy "tubs" and their lids (please empty
containers) and plastic trays, such as the lunchable type containers (any
color except black trays - optical sorting machines can't see them).
METAL/ALUMINUM CANS - empty food and drink cans, foils and trays.


DO NOT RECYCLE: plastic bags, black plastic trays, clamshells (fast food take out),
styrofoam, paint cans, aerosol cans, egg cartons, diapers,

We are encouraging everyone to recycle as much as possible! The City’s recycle contractor uses a recycle container which can be purchased for $20 at City Hall.  See the section “Waste Collection” for more specific information on recyclable items and the pick-up day for your address.

Click Here for Garbage, Brush and Recycling Pick-up Days

How do I dispose of large appliances, mattresses, or big pieces of furniture?

The City of Belle Meade does not provide this service. You will need to call a private contractor to haul these type items away. The City does provide weekly backdoor trash and recycle pickup and curb side chipper service. We also provide three dumpsters behind the City Public Works garage for miscellaneous household trash that will not fit in your trash receptacles. Furniture, appliances or mattresses are NOT to be placed in or around the dumpsters.

Where can I dispose of old paint cans and other household chemical containers?

The City of Belle Meade does not provide a disposal site for these items. Please do not throw them into the dumpsters behind the Public Works garage. They can be taken to the Metro East Center, 941 Doctor Richard G. Adams Drive (off Trinity Lane), 615-862-8631. Or call Metro Nashville/Davidson County Public Works at 615-880-1000 for more information on disposal sites.

We have cut down a large tree in our yard. Will the chipper service pick this up?

No. The chipper service contract includes routine trimmings from pruning shrubs and trees, bagged leaves, and normal yard waste from gardening and weeding. If you hire a contractor to cut down a tree on your property, you are responsible for having the debris hauled away.

There is a dead animal on my property. Who do I call to have it removed?

You will need to call a private contractor. There are several listed in the yellow pages. One that services Belle Meade is Metro Dead Animal Removal – phone 615-880-1000.

The “red light” to my sewer pump is on. What does this mean and who do I call?

Call City Hall at 615-297-6041. (Do Not Call a Plumber!) The red light is connected to your sewer grinder pump and comes on when the pump is malfunctioning. The City is responsible for maintaining these pumps. Our sewer maintenance personnel will come and inspect the pump and replace any parts that are not in working order. In the meantime, please try to keep water usage to a minimum.

Why is my water brown?

The Metro Nashville/Davidson County Water or Fire Department is flushing the fire hydrants for pressure and the back-fill is some rust from the pipes. Do not use your water for approximately one hour and it should settle back in the lines. For questions or information, call Metro Water at 615-862-4600.

Where is the Right-Of-Way on my street?

Generally, the right-of-way (R-O-W) extends 25 to 30 feet from the center of the street. A good rule of thumb is to use the water meter box located in the front yard as the point where the R-O-W ends. Property owners should not construct or install anything such as irrigation systems, invisible fences, paved parking areas, etc. in the R-O-W before checking with the Public Works Department. In addition, no trees can be planted in or removed from the R-O-W without permission from the City.

When I have a power outage, who should I call?

Call Nashville Electric Service at 615-234-0000. This number accesses the Automated Outage Reporting System, which sends an immediate message so that NES is aware of your outage and also maintains a historical record of all outages at your location.

A streetlight is out in my neighborhood. Who do I call? Our neighborhood does not have streetlights. How can we get them?

In both instances, call the City Public Works Department at 615-297-6041. If possible, obtain the pole number or nearest street address when a light is not working. We will notify NES of the problem. If your neighborhood wants new or additional streetlights, a signed petition from all residents on the street must be submitted to the City. We will then work with NES to have the light(s) installed.

The Nashville Electric Service (NES) contract crews are scheduled to prune and/or remove trees on my street. Am I required to participate in this program?

NES’ power lines are in the right-of-way and their contractors are able to prune limbs or remove trees near the electrical power lines and equipment without the City or property owner granting permission. However, as part of NES’ Vegetation Management Program, homeowners are notified in advance of this type work and are encouraged to meet with an NES representative to discuss what will be done on their property. The City of Belle Meade understands the need for NES to maintain reliability of service to their customers, but also understands the important role that trees play in the character of our neighborhoods. The City has contracted with an arborist to assist the Public Works staff to work with NES and the property owners in this process so that the goals of improved safety, reduced power outages and neighborhood beautification are met. Call City Hall at 615-297-6041 for further information.

My neighbor’s dog barks and/or runs loose constantly. What can I do?

First, notify the Police Department by calling 615-297-0241. This problem may be resolved by simply having a Police Officer visit the pet owner and inform them of the City’s regulations regarding excessive noise or animals running at large. If the problem continues, the City Manager can formally notify the pet owner by letter of the complaint and request that the situation be resolved immediately. Contact the City Manager at 615-297-6041. If the problem is not resolved after notification, a Belle Meade citation can be issued to the pet owner.

I want to have a fence built, remodel my home or construct an addition. What are the procedures for this?

Call the Building Official's office at 615-297-2364 before you begin any construction and ask for Lyle Patterson. They will provide the necessary information on building permits, plans, fees, and other requirements for your particular project.

My neighbor hasn’t mowed his lawn in weeks. What can be done about this?

Obviously, for health and safety reasons, it is important for all homes in the City to look lived in and cared for, even if they are vacant for periods of time. The City has strict property maintenance regulations and will send a letter to the property owner in violation, giving them a time period to comply before the City steps in and performs the required maintenance at the property owner’s expense. Please call City Hall at 615-297-6041 to report a property that is not being maintained or where unsafe/unhealthy conditions exist.

I have received a Belle Meade traffic ticket. What are the procedures for payment or traffic court?

Call Court Clerk Keshia Lee at 615-298-1223. The Clerk can reference your ticket and provide information on the amount of your fine, traffic court dates and procedures, and any other information you may need to produce such as proof of insurance.

Can I register to vote at City Hall

Voter registration is handled through the Davidson County Election Commission. Phone 615-862-8800 for more information on where and how to register.

What is the phone number of the Belle Meade branch of the U. S. Post Office?

Call 1-800-275-8777 for answers to general postal questions. If you need to speak with a particular branch office, they will connect you.