Belle Meade City Court Frequently Asked Questions


1.  How do I pay a citation?

For payment information call (615) 298-1223 or come by the City of Belle Meade Court Clerk’s Office located at the Belle Meade City Hall, 4705 Harding Road Nashville, TN 37205.

  • Some violations may be paid over the phone by using a credit or debit card and giving the clerk the necessary information. (There will be a convenience fee automatically calculated at the time of payment based upon the type of card used).
  • Some non-moving violations are subject to diversion, paying a dismissal cost and showing that the violation has been corrected (is now in compliance). Payment of the violation may be cash, check, debit or credit card.

Please make checks payable to the City of Belle Meade and mail payments to the address below:

City of Belle Meade
Attention: Court Clerk
4705 Harding Road
Nashville, TN 37205
  • Payments are accepted from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday, Except Holidays.
  • Online payments are not available at this time.

2.  Do I have to appear on my court date?

No. If you wish to satisfy your citation and not appear on your court date then you must pay the fine prior to your court date. If you pay a citation (moving violation), it will be reported to the Department of Safety and the applicable points will be recorded as a part of your driving history.

3.  What if I cannot appear on my assigned Court date?

Contact the Court Clerk’s Office at (615) 298-1223 prior to the court date assigned to reschedule for the next available court date. Your court date may only be rescheduled one time.

4.  Do I have to pay my citation before coming to court?

No. If you plan on appearing on your court date, payment will be due after court at the Court Clerk’s Office.

5.  Is there a way I can keep the violation off of my driving record?

Yes, you must appear on your court date to have the option of Traffic School. The Clerk does not have the authority to permit someone to attend school. It is up to the discretion of the Judge whether you will be allowed to attend Traffic School, if you qualify for Traffic School and complete the class successfully, your violation will be dismissed and not reported to the Department of Safety.

6.  What are my options if I receive a citation and I am a holder of a valid CDL (Commercial Driver’s License)?

A CDL endorsement is not eligible for Traffic School diversion pursuant to Federal regulations.

7.  What are my options if I have a registration violation?

If you can show a valid registration that covers your violation date, registration not expired more than sixty (60) days, or registration not in the vehicle can be dismissed with a cost of $13.00.

8.  What is Traffic School?

Traffic School is a four hour class that may be taken at City of Belle Meade or Online from the list of providers on the Tennessee Department of Safety’s approved list. On the day of court you will select a date to attend the one-time, four-hour class. The total cost for the Traffic School taken at City of Belle Meade is $107.00. This amount must be paid after court, before you will be allowed to sign up for a class. Once you have completed the class, your violation will be dismissed, which means that the offense will not be reported to the state to go on your driving record.

 If you fail to complete the class or the certificate is not returned before the due date, it will result in your ticket appearing on your driving record as a guilty verdict, paying the balance of the original fine, and the possible suspension of your driver license.

9.  What are my options if I receive a Financial Responsibility Violation (not having or failing to show a valid proof of insurance at the time of the traffic stop)?

 If you can show the Court Clerk valid proof of insurance that covers your violation date, you can have the violation dismissed without cost. If you are unable to show proof of valid insurance at the time the citation was written you should pay at the Court Clerk’s office a total of $110.75.

10.     What if I want to plead “not guilty”?

Your case will be heard in the City Court of Belle Meade. Sworn testimony will be heard, facts of the case will be presented and the Judge will render a decision.